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that guy?

Srsly, who is he?
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My name is Kristoffe Biglete, and colours move is my portfolio for my freelance activities & other things I do.

I create/design websites and I build multimedia projects,
I'm specialized in clean designs, strong identity & solid work.

Je suis français, from Paris, and I live in Copenhagen.

I am a photographer, a music nerd & I write about that.
Oh, and did I mentioned that I love colours?

*nudge nudge wink wink*

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Wishmodo Wishmodo
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French Institute in Denmark French Institute in Denmark
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French Institute in Denmark
French Embassy in Denmark French Embassy in Denmark
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French Embassy in Denmark

'Sup dawg?

translation: "what's up, cute pug?"
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Since the general weather here in Denmark seems to have some trouble settling down, let's confine in something tangible. (...)
Isn't it time to catch up on what's been out during this first trimester of 2013? A lot of (...)